GDAT Company Ltd. is registered in Shanghai Tax Free Zone. We have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Chengdu, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Wuhan with more than 20 staff members, including pilots, senior mechanics, top salesmen and skilled admin emplyees. During the early half of 2014, we sold almost 30 helicopters (both new and used), 10 Cirrus aircraft and a few sets of Simplex spray gears in China and becomes a leading aircraft and equipment sales company in China . This company is led by President--Peter Jiang, a young pioneer in aviation market and sales, who used to be an aviation mechanic for Delta Airlines with both FAA and CAAC license; GM--Peter Xu, a 32 year veteran of Chinese helicopter , who has worked for both AVIC and Sikorsky; And other team members all technical background from Airbus, Boeing, Bell and other famous companies.

We focus on helicopter and mission equipment sales. Most of the helicopters sold are Bell helicopters such as 206BIII、Bell206L4、Bell407GX、Bell429; Airbus Helicopters such as EC120B、EC130、AS350B3e 、EC155; And small numbers Robinson R22、R44、and Sikorsky S300C etc. We are the agent of American Simplex Aerospace. We also sell all kinds of avionics for Honeywell and equipment and ground devices for Dart Aero Space, Powervamp、Heli tow cart、Gill etc.

In general, GDAT provides a total solution to the Chinese general aviation customers by selling helicopters, mission equipment, all kinds of aviation products including but not limited to consultation service, sources of pilots and mechanics. Thus GDAT grows very fast and now becomes the top sales company for helicopters and mission equipments in China.

GDAT own helicopter show house and maintenance hangar nearby Shanghai. Which is the first helicopter show house in China.